Our Published Authors


Dr. Felicia Williams-McGowan

Dr. Felicia Williams McGowan is the author of the Hattie’s Journey collection of books. Contact her here!


Smithen Austin

Smithen Austin is the author of Get Rid of Scalp Bumps and Rheumatoid Arthritis guide.


Shanley D. McCray

Shanley McCray is the author of Choosing to Decide and Words Every Professional Should Know. Contact her here!


Dr. Katina Davis-Kennedy

Dr. Katina Davis-Kennedy is the author of Let’s Talk STD’s. Contact her here!

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Martenia Howard

Martrenia Howard is the author of Adjust my Crown. Contact her here!


Daphney Maurisseau Carter

Daphney Maurisseau Carter is the author of I am a Doctor book series, and Founder of I Can Be FND. Contact her here!


Andre Cooke

Andre Cooke is the author of 6 Keys to Professional Happiness.

Minerva (1)

Minerva Maria Jackson

Minerva Maria Jackson is the author of the Speak Up series of books. Contact her here!