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19th February 2020

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Pivot (978-1-945532-10-8) By LaTanya White, MBA


A Guide For Innovators, Creatives AND Minority Entrepreneurs,To Use Their Passion, Creativity and God-Given Talent To Solve The World’s Most Pressing Problems

The world’s most trusted authority on business development for minority entrepreneurs, LaTanya White, brings you a groundbreaking approach to testing your business ideas and assumptions through the becoming fearless model.

This book is for you if you struggle with:

  • Getting and staying organized in your business.
  • Establishing those key relationships that can help.
  • Move your company forward.
  • Who are ready and willing to pay for your services.

This interactive, hands-on guide will literally turn the assumptions you have about your business on its head and will be the central point of your success in the journey to your entrepreneurial legacy! It will help you articulate your assumptions through interacting with customers, leaders and managers of your field and pivot to create more sustainable business ideas based on the feedback that you can get from those audiences. If nothing in your business is going the way you thought it would, it’s time to pivot!

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ISBN: 978-1-945532-10-8


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