International Standard Book Number’s (ISBN’s) is the global standard for identifying and tracking your book on global bookselling platforms.

Did you know that every single new or seasoned book author needs an ISBN to publish their book? And if you want to publish your book on multiple bookselling platforms (like Amazon Books or Apple Books), then you need multiple ISBN’s. This unique number is used around the world on all book publishing platforms like Barnes & Noble, Apple Books and more to locate and track your unique book.

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Each version of a book, print or digital, requires its own ISBN. Be sure to purchase enough for your book publishing needs. When you purchase and track your book with an ISBN, it improves the chances of your book being found online on the global book marketplace.

Most new authors will need a minimum of 3 ISBN’s. If you want your new book published on in Paperback, hardcover and ebook, then you will need 3 ISBN’s. ISBN’s are required to publish a book on all publishing platforms including Amazon Books, Apple Books, GooglePlay, BarnesandNoble.com, and many more.

Don’t Purchase ISBNs from platforms like Amazon, or use other free ISBNs.
Doing so will restrict your book to only those platforms. Typically, you will have to agree to exclusively sell your book on that particular platform. As an author or publisher, you should never want to only sell your book on one platform. Your book should be available everywhere books are sold! With our ISBN’s, there are no restrictions as to where you can publish and sell your book. You can be named the publisher as well and keep 100% royalties and profits.

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